Over the history of the mod, some people have desired to show their appreciation for all of the time, work, and tears that have gone into creating the Imoen Romance mod, maintaining the webpage, and supporting the forums. If you enjoy the mod (or the forums/webpage/etc.) and want to say 'thanks' with a bit of donation... well, that's fine by me!

Lord Mirrabbo original started the donation page with the following dedication:

This mod has taken a big part of my time and resources, but it has always been because I've wanted to, and because I enjoy it. I don't want anyone to pay me for it. However, there are very generous people out there that feel inclined to reward the creators of the things they enjoy, and this option is for them. I of course thank them for their beautiful encouragement.
So the button below gives those people the option to give course to their generosity. Feel free to click on it and donate, via PayPal, the quantity that you feel like giving.

Important Note:

By donating you agree that you are not paying me to download this mod, but simply:

  • Showing your appreciation for someone else's work,
  • Helping to keep the community alive and active, or
  • You are mentally unstable and like to give your money to people on the Internet just because you see a pretty button on their website.

If you use the button, thank you wholeheartedly for your generosity. And no matter whether you clicked or not, thank you for using the mod!

Imoen of Candlekeep, by T.C. Dale