As we all know: Imoen, Baldur's Gate II (SOA and TOB), the Infinity Engine, and all that good stuff belongs to their respective owners (Black Isle Studios and Bioware, I think). Neither Lord Mirrabbo nor T.C. Dale (hereafter: "we") are in any way, shape, or form connected with Black Isle or Bioware, except in our own wishful thinking about what a great job that'd be. We don't own any rights to Imoen, etc., but we are very thankful that the Big Guys out there allow people like us to mod their products. A big thank you to them all!

The Website

This website has been designed and implemented by Small Dog Web Media. They're cool, so if you need a website, go hire them.

The Mod Tools

Several different tools have been used to create this mod:

  1. WeiDU - The most useful tool out there for dialog writing and script compiling, among other things.
  2. Fasttracker II / Skale Tracker - An extremely old DOS program that Lord Mirrabbo used for nearly all the music tracking (because he is an old dinosaur). Skale Tracker is a slightly newer version (say, paleolithic instead of jurassic).
  3. DLTCEP and IETME - The original item creation and editing tools used by Lord Mirrabbo.
  4. Near Infinity - Very versatile tool for Infinity Engine modding.
  5. ConTEXT - Lord Mirrabbo's text editor of choice. (But Taig prefers Notepad++ and BBEdit, 'cause they're better. Nyah.)

The Thanks

From Lord Mirrabbo: Thanks, of course, to everyone who has used the mod, and to everyone who dwells in the forum, especially the moderators. Thanks to everyone who visits the webpage, and all people wheeee! One loves to see the product of his time and effort appreciated by others. Check out the mod readmes for more specific thank-yous!

From Taig: Thanks to Lord Mirrabbo for letting me continue the mod and try to live up to his very impressive legacy. Thanks to all the loyal fans in the Imoen community who KEEP CHECKING this webpage after years of no action, hoping for a small miracle. And thanks to Kat Bella, a.k.a. theacefes, hopefully my co-modder, who will get her own space on these pages as soon as she signs the contract in blood.

Imoen of Candlekeep, by T.C. Dale