29 October 2014 - Imoen v2.0 is out!

Again it's been a while since an update, but here we are. T.C Dale's rewrite is finally coded (thanks to Vanatos), and a beta released.

Be sure to check the Download page for the latest version.

- Sarevok08

T.C Dale's News

07 December 2012 - Imoen for Christmas!

It's been a while since an update (to put it mildly), but our intrepid coder has given us a release date! The first full beta of the Imoen Romance mod (SOA v2) will be in our hands by Christmas, 2012!

Then of course, I still have to start writing TOB... But hey, we're getting there!

- T.C.

14 November 2011 - Dialog for Imoen v2.0 is done!

Wow! What a milestone! The dialog portions of the Imoen Romance v2.0 are completely done! Well, they're completely written, at least. The last few bits have been sent off to the proofreader, and then it's off to the coder to put things into a working mod.

- T.C.

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14 September 2011 - Now seeking proofreaders!

The Imoen Romance mod is now seeking proofreaders. You can see all the details either in the Imoen Mod forums, or over on the Spellhold Studio forums.

- T.C.

13 September 2011 - Crumbling Down sold out!

Crumbling Down is no longer available in hard copy, although you can still ready the HTML version or download the PDF version. Also, work on the mod is continuing (it's not dead yet!). The latest status updates can be found in the forum.

- T.C.

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03 April 2011 - Crumbling Down available in hard copy!

Crumbling Down has been officially completed for a while now, but now it's available in hardcopy! I'm printing out standard paperback copies of it on by-request basis. The cost is approximately $15.00 USD per book, plus shipping to wherever you're located. Note that I do not make profit off of this (in fact, I'm not allowed to). The cost is calculated by adding up my own costs for buying paper, ink, glue, printing costs, etc., and dividing it by an estimated number of total copies. So, the more people who want one, the less each copy costs!

If you're interested, drop me a line on the forums or via email at taigremovethis.c.daremovethisle@gmaremovethisil.com.

- T.C.

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14 April 2010 - Imoen Romance now in Russian!

The Imoen Romance mod (the SOA portion) has been updated with a Russian language translation, thanks to the team over at Team AERIE. The new version (1.202 - no version number change) is now available on the downloads page.

- T.C.

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24 February 2010 - Imoen Romance now in German!

The Imoen Romance mod (the SOA portion) has been updated with a German language translation, thanks to the team over at Baldur's Gate.EU. The new version (1.202) is now available on the downloads page.

- T.C.

17 February 2010 - Crumbling Down is complete!

As you may or may not know, Crumbling Down is the semi-official novelization of the Imoen Romance modification. When I took over management of the Imoen Romance mod, my first and foremost goal was to finish Crumbling Down before I started on the mod itself (since CD was almost done).

Well, as of today, Crumbling Down is officially done. Seventeen chapters (plus a Christmas Special and an Epilogue) and six years in the making...but it's done. This means my plate is now slightly clearer, and the time I previously devoted to Crumbling Down can now be devoted to the Imoen Romance instead. Hopefully come middle-to-end March, I'll have some actual progress to report on the mod itself.

- T.C.

05 February 2010 - Welcome Kat "Acefes" Bella!

We now officially have a coder to torture to death...er... I mean, to help us with the completion of the Imoen Romance Mod. Kat Bella, also known as Acefes, is a long-time modder, composer, and game programmer, with no less than three mods under her belt (Auren Aseph, Sarah, and the in-progress Shadowhand Total Conversion). Everyone say hello!

- T.C.

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31 January 2010 - Website Redesign

As part of my efforts to kick-start the community (and the mod) again, I've redesigned the Imoen Romance mod website. The address stays the same, but the look is different.

I chose to keep Lord M's original colors and logo, as they were pretty and everyone likes them. The navigation has been redone, and the overall design made more sleek and modern. The picture of Imoen in the corner is Imoen of Candlekeep by yours truly. It's free and I don't have to mess with copyright issues.

Much of the website will have to be transferred over and re-written. It hasn't been updated in about three to four years. This will take time, so please be patient if things are missing or you encounter broken links. If you have feedback on the website, feel free to discuss it in the forums or to contact me directly.

- T.C.

27 January 2010 - Lord M has retired

It's sad but true: Lord Mirrabbo has officially retired from the priesthood of Her Amazing Pinkness.

For reasons stated in the Fate of Throne of Bhaal forum thread, Lord Mirrabbo has chosen to stop working on the Imoen Romance. Whether or not he will be involved in other modding, I don't know -- but I suspect not.

The fate of the mod -- and its website and the forums -- has been handed over, at least for now, to me. For those of you who missed my introduction, I am the woman formerly known as Jashan, and I'm a long-time fan/assistant/tester for the Imoen mod. Lord Mirrabbo trusts me enough to either finish it myself, if I'm capable, or find someone who can finish it if I can't.

As of today, the mod is still alive. It's comatose, but alive. Lord Mirrabbo is in the process of gathering, organizing, and sending me all the necessary files to go further with the mod, and Kat Bella -- a well-respected mod coder -- has tentatively agreed to help me complete it. More news after I actually get all the files and look through them.

So, everyone -- let's all express our appreciation for everything Lord Mirrabbo has done to bring us this fantastic mod, and wish him the best in his future projects. Hopefully he will have the time to stop by once in a while and say hello!

- T.C.

20 January 2010 - Forums Restored

The forums (or 'fora', should you prefer) are back. It's been a long road, as many of you know. Lack of management and moderation turned the forums into a breeding ground for spammers, and the regulars and Imoen fans stopped coming because there was no way to fight back. That, fortunately, has changed.

Lord Mirrabbo has handed over control of the Imoen website and the forums to me. My first goal was to try to clean up the forums, but they were, unfortunately, severely broken. There was so much spam that it literally corrupted the database. It was impossible to log in even with administrative privledges, and accessing the database directly soon made clear that the data itself was simply corrupted beyond salvation. I had no choice but to wipe everything and start all over again.

So here we are. But, this could be a good thing! With active moderation and some tender loving care, I hope that the Imoen fan community can turn these forums once more into an active, warm, welcoming hub of Imoen activity. Feel free to register, feel free to post. Let's get this party started!

- T.C.

Imoen of Candlekeep, by T.C. Dale