Here you will find our collection of things related to the Imoen Romance mod, the Baldur's Gate saga, roleplaying games, modding in general, and so forth. If you know of a link that should be on this page, but isn't, let us know.

Official Material

  1. Bioware Studios - The makers of Baldur's Gate
  2. Wizards of the Coast - The owners of Dungeons and Dragons (and Faerûn, etc.)
  3. Melissa Disney - Imoen's voice actress. No, she didn't help on the mod.
  4. Imoen on Wikipedia - Some nice, condensed information.

Imoen & Imoen Romance-related

  1. T.C. Dale - Taig's (the author's) official homepage.
  2. Kat Bella - Kat's (the coder's) official homepage.
  3. Imoen's Sexuality - A canon-based discussion from the aptly-named Buffleheaded

Recommended Mods for the Imoen-interested

  1. Kelsey NPC - A male NPC who will romance Imoen under certain circumstances
  2. Chloe NPC - A female NPC who will romance Imoen under certain circumstances
  3. Sarah NPC - An NPC mod created by our very own Kat Bella.
  4. Auren Aseph - Another NPC mod by Kat Bella
  5. NPC Banter Packs - Adds new banters to the original Bioware NPCs.
  6. Crossmod Banter Pack - Adds banters between fan-created NPCs from various mods.

Infinity Engine Modding/Gaming

  1. The Pocket Plane Group
  2. The Gibberlings Three
  3. Spellhold Studios
  4. The Chosen of Mystra
  5. Petals and Thorns
  6. Baldur's Gate EU (German modding community)
  7. Team AERIE (Russian modding community)
Imoen of Candlekeep, by T.C. Dale