Here you can download the mod, any necessary patches, and even some soundtracks. Detailed installation instructions can be found in the mod read-me files or in the mod itself.

The Imoen Romance Mod (SoA+ToB Release)

Written by T. C. Dale and Israel Blargh
Coded by Vanatos

  • - Translated to Russian by Arcanecoast Team.

    - Now with MACOSX support!

    - The download is the whole thing, SoA and ToB. There is no separate file for ToB content. The mod is bug-free as far as we know.

    - You can start a ToB character and check out the ToB romance content without needing a savefile. Simply act accordingly when you summon Imoen.

    - There are always things to talk about with Imoen, even if she doesn't initiate the conversation. Be sure to approach her and talk to her often.

    Have fun and feedback is always appreciated!

    Lord Mirrabbo's Original

    These files are here for archival and tribute purposes only. It is terribly outdated and no longer supported!

    1. Version 1.202 Full (19 MB)
    2. Imoen: SOA Soundtrack (42 MB)
    3. Imoen: TOB Soundtrack (20 MB)
    Imoen of Candlekeep, by T.C. Dale